The Appellate Rules Committee recently released two new “Guides for Counsel.” These oral argument guides are designed to assist attorneys arguing before the North Carolina Supreme Court and North Carolina Court of Appeals.  For example, the guides provide tips for preparing for oral argument, as well as practical information regarding the location of the courts, where to park, how your oral argument time is monitored, where to sit, and whether your argument notes will fit on the podium.

If you need a quick refresher regarding the similarities and differences between oral arguments before the North Carolina Supreme Court, the North Carolina Court of Appeals, and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Appellate Rules Committee has also released a new “Comparison Chart” which provides answers to the most common questions  about oral arguments.   

Links to these new oral argument tools (along with previously available guides from the Supreme Court of the United States and the Fourth Circuit) can be found on the Rules and Practice Guides section of this blog.