Candidates for open seats on the Supreme Court of North Carolina and the North Carolina Court of Appeals sat down with UNC-TV for a series of “Judicial Forums,” which can now be viewed on YouTube.  In addition, the State Board of Elections has published its Judicial Voter Guide for the appellate seats.

Since we created this blog a few years ago, I have been surprised by how much traffic our voter information pages and posts receive.  I think that part of this traffic springs from the historical paucity of resources available for voters regarding our appellate courts and candidates.  For example, the NC Bar Association’s “Judicial Performance Evaluation” survey does not cover appellate races.

We will continue to provide links to objective resources for voters going forward.  When friends and colleagues ask you about the appellate races, I encourage you to send them to our Voter Information page as a one-stop clearinghouse for links to candidates’ websites, voter guides, and other resources.

–Matt Leerberg