The new Appellate Practice Section of the NC Bar Association will present its first annual CLE on Friday, October 10, 2014, at the Bar Center in Cary.  The CLE, titled “Mass Appeal,” will include many wonderful speakers and interesting topics, and will be accessible to new appellate practitioners and seasoned lawyers alike.

As we describe it in the brochure:

  • Choose among three specialized break-out sessions: a crash course in state appeals, a peek into special issues that arise in criminal appeals, and practical insights into executing on and enforcing judgments during appeals
  • Understand the strategic choices made by counsel and judges in the course of an oral argument, by hearing from counsel and the panel before, during, and after a mock argument
  • Earn ethics credit like never before, as two former jurists engage in a lively discussion of the ethical quandaries lurking in every appeal
  • Gain insights into Fourth Circuit practice by joining in a conversation with Judge Albert Diaz, a federal prosecutor, and a federal public defender
  • Peel back the curtain and glimpse the inner workings of the appellate courts, with the Clerks of Court as your guides
  • Learn how to analyze that final question you face after losing an appeal–whether and how to seek review in the United States Supreme Court

For more information, see here.  The full brochure is available here.

–Matt Leerberg