The recount results are in, and candidate Mike Robinson did not manage to narrow the vote gap with incumbent Justice Cheri Beasley.  With the margin still over 5,400 votes, Robinson graciously conceded the election Tuesday in lieu of continuing to challenge the outcome.

So, with the dust settled, here is your Supreme Court starting in 2015, with approximate years of service in parentheses:

Chief Justice Mark Martin (16)

Justice Bob Edmunds (14)

Justice Paul Newby (10)

Justice Robin Hudson (8)

Justice Barbara Jackson (4)

Justice Cheri Beasley (2)

Justice Jimmy Ervin (0)

With Justice Hunter leaving the Supreme Court bench at the end of the calendar year, we might expect a flurry of opinions to be issued in late December.  We will keep you posted, of course.

–Matt Leerberg