Justice Barbara Jackson recently published an article in the ABA Judges’ Journal on judges’ use of social media  (a.k.a., Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).  The well-written article includes interesting examples of how a judge’s use of social media can quickly go awry. (Think: sitting federal district court judge uses his blog to “bench-slap” his bosses at the United States Supreme Court).  Justice Jackson’s article also discuss principles she tries to follow to stay on “safe grounds” in the brave new world of social media.

Included in the article are Justice Jackson’s thoughts on the ABA’s Formal Opinion on “Judge’s Use of Electronic Social Networking Media,” the increasing necessity of using social media in judicial campaigns, and why hiring a twentysomething social media consultant to help run a Twitter account for her 2010 reelection bid was, in Justice Jackson’s word, “not a great idea.”

Take a look at the article and let us know your thoughts below.

–Beth Scherer