Special Event! Five Days Only! No one will be refused! Sound like the latest ad for super bargain discounts? Actually, the prize is an 8-year term on the North Carolina Court of Appeals. For just $1,341, your name could appear on the November 2016 ballot to fill the Court of Appeals’ seat formerly held by Judge Marty Geer.

The catch?  The November ballot will include your name–and anyone (and everyone) else’s name–who files to run between noon on July 11 and noon July 15.

Last time this scenario happened was in 2014, when 19 candidates vied for a single seat on the Court of Appeals.  Judge Tyson ultimately won that seat with 24% of the votes. Like last time, this is a winner-take-all election. The candidate with the most votes during the general election will garner an 8-year seat on the Court of Appeals without a runoff.

Bets on how many people will throw their hats into the ring? We will keep you posted.

–Beth Scherer

Primary Update: Judge Mike Morgan will be challenging Justice Bob Edmunds for his seat on the North Carolina Supreme Court in the November 2016 general election.