Judge Ann Marie Calabria of the North Carolina Court of Appeals announced earlier this afternoon that she will not seek a third eight-year term when her current term ends in 2018.  Judge Calabria made the announcement during a session at the N.C. Bar Association’s annual meeting honoring the many living jurists who have served on the North Carolina Court of Appeals.

As with a similar announcement last month from Judge Elmore, we will still benefit from Judge Calabria’s continued service on the bench for another year and a half.  Still, we would be remiss not to express our thanks today to Judge Calabria for her many years of dedicated service to our State.

Under S.L. 2016-125, enacted last December, the race for Judge Calabria’s seat will proceed by way of partisan primaries in the spring of 2018, followed by a general election in the fall.

–Matt Leerberg