Supreme Court Clerk Bryan Boyd recently tendered his resignation—meaning the North Carolina Supreme Court has likely begun its hunt for the Court’s sixteenth Clerk of Court.

Bryan’s resignation was precipitated by the siren song of his first love: legal education. As noted previously, Bryan was recognized by the student body three times as its outstanding professor of the year during his tenure at Campbell University School of Law.

While at Campbell, Bryan worked closely with Keith Faulkner, who is now Dean of Liberty University School of Law.  Dean Faulkner made Bryan an offer to return to the academic field that he could not refuse.  Bryan has accepted a position as Associate Dean at Liberty and will also be teaching.

Many have benefitted from Bryan’s approachability as Clerk of the Supreme Court. I appreciate his eagerness to answer (or find out the answer to) any question I came to him with (big, small, or trivial). While I hate to lose Bryan to Virginia’s rolling hills, we wish him and his family all the best in his newest adventure.

Bryan’s first day at Liberty University is October 16, 2017.

–Beth Scherer