Former clerks, friends, and many others gathered at the Pavilion at the Angus Barn on Saturday to celebrate the judicial career of Allyson K. Duncan, Judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

Judge Duncan has served on that fine court for fifteen years, since her unopposed confirmation in 2003.  Judge Duncan’s accomplishments during that span are too numerous to list here, but I would encourage anyone looking for an education to ask her about her tireless efforts to build bridges between our judiciary and nascent judicial systems around the world.

Oh, and also ask Her Honor about orchids.  Judge Duncan has an orchid named after her.  For real.

In any event, the celebration was a great success and included a video address by Judge Duncan’s friend and former colleague, Justice Clarence Thomas; a pithy speech by former Justice Bob Orr; and an unveiling of her official court portrait–complete with orchid.

Judge Duncan closed the celebration with gracious remarks, indicating that she will take senior status as soon as her successor is confirmed and claiming that her chambers is still full of crumbs from when I was her law clerk and walked around eating snacks incessantly.  Guilty as charged, Your Honor.

–Matt Leerberg