Wouldn’t it be great if an automatic notification was sent out whenever court rules were updated?  Wait . . . I hear you!  “What self-respecting lawyer doesn’t subscribe to the NCAPB.com blog, which provides updates and summaries of all Appellate Rules amendments?!?”  Alas, not everyone understands the thrill of an appellate practice blog.  Plus, our focus is the North Carolina Rules of Appellate Procedure–not Supreme Court rules on court-ordered arbitration.

Good news. The Supreme Court’s Office of Administrative Counsel recently added an email subscription service for users to receive all updates concerning rules promulgated by the Supreme Court.   All that is required to sign-up is to enter an email address at the link above. Users can unsubscribe at any time.

The Supreme Court currently promulgates more than 15 different rule sets that affect practice, procedure, and conduct in the Judicial Branch. Users who sign up to receive email notifications about these rule sets will be alerted when the Supreme Court adopts rule amendments, when new codifications are posted to the Supreme Court’s website, and when other important information affecting the rules is available.

This new email subscription service is part of an ongoing effort at the Supreme Court to improve the usability and availability of rules that affect attorneys and stakeholders in our legal and judicial communities. Thanks again to the Supreme Court, including Grant Buckner and the appellate court’s IT department, for the addition of this much-needed feature.

–Beth Scherer