In addition to our petition tracker for PDRs already granted by the Supreme Court, we also keep an eye on interesting petitions pending before the Court. Below are recently filed petitions that, among other things, ask the Supreme Court to consider dumping the State’s contributory negligence doctrine and to stop the State from informing the public about an upcoming voter identification requirement. If there are other interesting petitions that have been filed recently, send me an email or let us know in the comments!


Holmes v. Moore, 342P19
Issue: (Bypass petition) By statute, the State is currently informing voters about a photo identification requirement that will take effect in 2020. Did a three-judge panel of the superior court err by refusing to preliminarily enjoin that voter-education effort during the 2019 election season? (The underlying lawsuit challenges whether the General Assembly’s statutory implementation of the State Constitution’s requirement of voter identification violates the State Constitution’s equal protection clause.)

Saunders v. Hull Property Group, LLC, 325P19
Issue: (Bypass petition) Should the State abandon the doctrine of contributory negligence and adopt comparative negligence?

State ex rel. City of Albemarle v. Nance, 327P19
Issue: For purposes of standing to bring suit, must a municipality take a formal vote and pass a resolution authorizing the action?