A recording of North Carolina’s first virtual oral argument is now available for viewing.   Because the video stream began before the actual arguments commenced, insight is available into how the Court of Appeals and the advocates worked through some technical kinks in the process.  (A round of applause to IT Superhero Fred Wood, who appeared to be getting quite a workout running between offices).  Presiding Judge Lucy Inman also gave helpful tips to ensure that the argument “ran” smoothly–so make sure to check those out.

All things considered, this first virtual oral argument proceeded relatively smoothly—a testament to the preparation of both the judges and the advocates.

In the meantime, Judge Allegra Collins, Chair of the Appellate Practice Section, circulated some helpful resources for advocates who are preparing for remote oral arguments:

Do you have any additional tips for remote oral arguments?   Fox’s Appellate Team has used WebEx to conduct moots , but I’m particularly eager to hear about real-world experiences .  Share them in the comments below.

–Beth Scherer