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Our goal in creating this blog was to be a “one-stop shop” for news, information, tips, and resources involving North Carolina appellate practice and procedure.  Over a five-year period,’s
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On July 5, 2016, the Court of Appeals dismissed an appeal for failure to include the business court designation papers.  In Grasinger v. Williams, the court reasoned that, without
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Many thanks to Judges Diaz, Gale, and Ridgeway and to all who attended for making last week’s Federal Bar Association CLE a great success.  I’m posting the written materials here
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In yet another case highlighting potential pitfalls when appealing a decision of the Business Court, the North Carolina Court of Appeals dismissed a plaintiff’s appeal Tuesday for failing to provide
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In North Carolina, parties with business disputes may have the choice among as many as four “forums” in which to bring their case:  state superior court; superior court with a
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Our state appellate system allows for appeals from final judgments, appeals from interlocutory orders that affect a substantial right, and appeals from orders that are final as to
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Last week, the North Carolina Court of Appeals dismissed, apparently sua sponte, an appeal from a Business Court decision because the appeal should have been filed in the Supreme
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In October 2015, I blogged about In re Pike, a single Business Court order that resolved four consolidated actions.  Because the actions were designated on different dates, the right
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