Petitions for Discretionary Review

Over the past few months, we have shared several  potential problems created by the Business Court Modernization Act.  Nonetheless, we held a few potential traps close to our vest because,
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On Monday, the North Carolina Supreme Court heard oral argument in Cubbage v. The Board of Trustees of the Endowment Fund of NC State University (a.k.a., the “Hofmann Forest
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In June, we blogged on how a United States Supreme Court decision interpreting a North Carolina statute of repose had created some strange bedfellows in the General Assembly–which had almost
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On Friday, most of the NCAPB bloggers were attending the NCBA’s annual appellate practice CLE.  However, a buzz of non-CLE chatter was excitedly circulating around the room.  Had anyone ever
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In a big day for civil litigation, the Supreme Court of North Carolina on Wednesday issued a watershed opinion limiting the scope of actions under Chapter 75 (the Unfair and
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The case is over, and you’ve won. Feeling bullish, you move for attorneys’ fees. Before the trial court reaches the fees issue, however, your opponent files a Notice of Appeal
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