Wouldn’t it be great if an automatic notification was sent out whenever court rules were updated?  Wait . . . I hear you!  “What self-respecting lawyer doesn’t subscribe to the NCAPB.com blog, which provides updates and summaries of all Appellate Rules amendments?!?”  Alas, not everyone understands the thrill of an appellate practice blog.  Plus, our focus is the North Carolina Rules of Appellate Procedure–not Supreme Court rules on court-ordered arbitration.… Continue Reading

1)     Appeal from an order that can be appealed.  The Court of Appeals reminded us today that interlocutory attorney fee awards are not immediately appealable.  Cebula v. Givens Estates, Inc.  Neither are decisions from the Industrial Commission that are limited to the question of insurance coverage.  Owen v. Hogsed.  Neither are orders that dismiss some, but not all, claims.  Fox v.Continue Reading

With the recent amendments to the appellate rules in April 2013, the Smith Moore Leatherwood Appellate Practice Group has updated its “North Carolina Rules of Appellate Procedure Checklist.” We publish the checklist as a guide for experienced and beginning appellate practitioners alike. The checklist provides a concise summary of deadlines and reminders for all aspects of appellate practice in the North Carolina courts.… Continue Reading