UNC School of Law has just launched an ambitious moot-court program for practitioners, organized by the law school’s Holderness Moot Court program and its faculty advisor, Professor Donald Hornstein.  Anyone with an upcoming argument in the Supreme Court of North Carolina or the North Carolina Court of Appeals is eligible to participate.  The Program will put together a panel of moot-court judges, including a faculty member and a law student, to ask questions of the advocate in UNC’s moot courtroom.

Having a local moot court option has been a longstanding goal of the appellate bar.  We are fortunate that Campbell’s law school has offered a similar service from time to time in the past, and are delighted that UNC has institutionalized it.  UNC’s goal is to conduct one to two moots per month–an aggressive pace that would undoubtedly improve the quality of advocacy before our state appellate courts.

If you are interested, please get in touch with Professor Hornstein or Gregg Schwitzgebel, both of whom deserve our thanks for their efforts in getting this wonderful program off the ground.

More details here:  UNC School of Law: North Carolina Appellate Courts Mooting Program for Practitioners

–Matt Leerberg