google scholar - legal researchGoogle Scholar
Free and fast access to state and federal case law, and a good place to get started though not searchable by court.  Be sure to select “Legal Opinion and Journals” radio button for caselaw research.


fastcase - legal researchFastcase
Free for NCBA members and is the leading next-generation legal research service that puts a comprehensive national law library and smarter and more powerful searching, sorting, and visualization tools at your fingertips.


hein - legal researchHeinOnline
Paying service offering comprehensive access to law journals.


westlaw - legal researchWestlaw
Paying service offering comprehensive legal research.


lexis - legal researchLexis
Paying service offering comprehensive legal research.  Offers a “lite” version for free, and  a web search for legal content. Publisher of “North Carolina Appellate Practice and Procedure”, the leading treatise on appellate practice in North Carolina, available in print and on Lexis Advance.