As noted Friday, the position of Clerk of Court for the North Carolina Court of Appeals was vacant over the weekend. The good news is that if you call today and ask for the Clerk, you will be directed to a familiar name–if not a familiar voice.

Today, the Court of Appeals announced that Dan Horne is its new Clerk.  Dan has worked at the Court of Appeals for several decades. He has the history with the Court and knowledge of the Appellate Rules that are so vital to his new position.  Dan served as Assistant Director of the Office of Staff counsel for many years.  When Frank Dail retired as Administrative Counsel of the Court in approximately 2008, Dan filled that position, while continuing to serve as Assistant Director of Office of Staff Counsel.  John Connell has called Dan one of the hardest workers he has ever known, and I can personally attest that he’s one of the most gracious people you will ever encounter.

I am pleased that such a competent person is stepping into this important role at the North Carolina Court of Appeals.  Congratulations, Dan!  We look forward to bombarding you with more questions in the coming years.

–Beth Scherer