Four sitting Court of Appeals judges will face challengers for their seats in November 2016.  With the filing period now closed, the stage is set.  There are two candidates for each of the four open seats.  Under the nonpartisan election law, there will be no primary.  Instead, the two candidates for each seat will face off in the general election in November 2016.

The candidates, with names as they will appear on the ballot and links to their campaign websites where available, are as follows:


Dietz Seat

Richard Dietz, sitting Court of Appeals Judge

Vince Rozier, sitting Wake County District Court Judge


Hunter Seat

Bob Hunter, sitting Court of Appeals Judge

Abe Jones, private practitioner and former Superior Court Judge


Stephens Seat

Linda Stephens, sitting Court of Appeals Judge

Phil Berger, Jr., sitting Administrative Law Judge


Zachary Seat

Valerie Zachary, sitting Court of Appeals Judge

Rickye McKoy-Mitchell, sitting Mecklenburg County District Court Judge


We’ll keep you posted on any developments in the races.

–Matt Leerberg