Our goal in creating this blog was to be a “one-stop shop” for news, information, tips, and resources involving North Carolina appellate practice and procedure.  Over a five-year period, NCAPB.com’s content has grown significantly.  One area of law that has contributed to that expansion has been North Carolina Business Court appeals.   In particular, the NCAPB team has blogged extensively over the past two years on at least seven different appellate traps that have emerged in Business Court cases.  Unfortunately, finding all of those blog posts had begun to feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

To alleviate this problem, Matt and I recently wrote an article summarizing (and hyperlinking to the prior blogs post on) the traps you should be aware of when pursuing a Business Court appeal.  In the future, you can quickly access this information by clicking on the “Business Court Traps” page, which is located under the Rules and Practice Guides’ pull down menu.

If you find resources like this helpful, please let us know (and feel free to share)!

–Beth Scherer