Confession. I don’t do Twitter.  Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn already drive me semi-crazy. (How many posts do you scroll through before giving yourself permission to stop!?!? And why can’t everything be on one platform?!?!).  Judge Richard Dietz of the North Carolina Court of Appeals, however, has me searching for my twitter password.  On Monday, Judge Dietz tweeted the following:

Tomorrow, the N.C. Court of Appeals will hold oral argument at a special session to hear a termination of parental rights case, In re A.L.H.

In the past, these cases did not get oral argument b/c of the expedited schedule in Rule 3.1.

The Court recently changed our practice. We will now hear expedited oral arguments in Rule 3.1 cases where argument will assist the Court in deciding the issues.

Big lane change for the Court of Appeals–announced in the Twittersphere.  So unless someone volunteers to send me Judge Dietz’s tweets, looks like I’ll be resetting my Twitter password.

H/T to Allegra Collins for posting Judge Dietz’s tweet on Facebook–which is how I saw it.

–Beth Scherer