The UNC School of Government recently released an updated manual on abuse, neglect, dependency, and termination of parental rights.  The online version of the updated manual is located hereChapter 12 addresses appeals and is a must read for those working in this area of appellate practice.  For more information on the manual and its purpose, see the School of Government’s blog post found here. 

I also have an update on an issue that we have blogged about on more than one occasion under the Stubbs/Biddix/Thomsen/Jones labels–see here , here, here, here and here.  The Supreme Court has granted a PDR in Ledbetter to determine whether Appellate Rule 21 provides the only criteria for granting a writ of certiorari without invoking Appellate Rule 2.  Although Ledbetter is a criminal appeal, the split of authority in the Court of Appeals has far-reaching consequences for all appellate practitioners.  The State has not yet filed its brief, but the defendant’s brief to the Supreme Court is an easy and interesting read for our Appellate Rules historians.

Prior opportunities for the Supreme Court to resolve this issue were thwarted when the Biddix defendant withdrew his appeal of right. I am crossing my fingers that this third effort is the charm.

–Beth Scherer