As noted previously, the 2022 Appellate Rules amendments contemplate that the entire record on appeal should be filed electronically during a single e-filing session. Yet, when those amendments were first announced back in October 2021, the e-filing website required parties to wait until the printed record was docketed to file the remainder of the record.

As promised, the Supreme Court’s IT department, headed by Fred the Fabulous, has updated the e-filing website to permit compliance with the new rules.  A silent video provides steps by illustrations for where to click to e-file a typical appellate record.  Because the video runs less than 2 minutes, there is no reason not to review.  But here’s a brief overview of the basic steps:

  1. Select the appropriate appellate court the record will be docketed in
  2. Select the appropriate choices to inform the e-filing system that you are filing a regular printed record (there are special menus for filings in judicial standards cases and classes of appeals automatically sealed by operation of law under Appellate Rule 3.1/42 )
  3. Upload the printed record (Note: it is important to upload the printed record first)
  4. Upload any record supplements (other than transcripts)
  5. Upload any transcripts.
  6. Done

Finally, want to hear oral arguments on your drive around town?  Fred the Fabulous has developed an oral argument podcast feature via Radio Public and Spotify.   Right now, only the Supreme Court’s January 2022 oral arguments are available. But if this feature proves popular, I suspect other appellate oral arguments could be made available as well.

Let me know what you think about these shiny new things.


h/t to Dan Gibson for pitching the podcast idea to Amy Funderburk in the first place.