Registration for AJEI’s 2023 Summit is now open.  It will be held November 2-5 at the JW Marriott in the District of Columbia.  Here’s a link: AJEI 2023 Summit  Check it out.

Most readers of this blog know all about AJEI.  This year’s Summit is going to be a dilly.  A wide variety of knowledgeable speakers will be discussing an equally wide variety of topics.  A number of North Carolinians will be participants.

Don’t forget that the programs cater to appellate judges (state and federal), but also to appellate practitioners and appellate court staffers.  There’s a place for you at this meeting and enough CJE or CLE to last a lifetime.  Sign up now and take advantage of the early-bird rates.  Scholarships are available if needed.

Life is never dull in Washington.  I’ll see you there!

–Bob Edmunds