I wrote a few days ago about some practitioners experiencing problems with overzealous spam filters catching important notices from our appellate courts. To be clear, this is a user-side issue, not a problem with the appellate courts’ software. Nevertheless, our appellate courts’ wonderful IT team has been looking at ways to mitigate these concerns.

Enter the “Upcoming Oral Arguments” banner:

The next time you log in to the appellate e-filing site, you may notice a blue “Upcoming Oral Arguments” box at the top of the page, above the list of cases in which you have made an appearance. For most of us, there will hopefully not be any surprises there, as we will have already received the court calendar slating our cases for oral argument (or not). But it provides a helpful backstop to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

We are quite lucky to have such a responsive IT team serving our appellate courts. Stay tuned for more!