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Less than a year ago, we blogged on a CLE presentation by Court of Appeals Judge Rich Dietz on typography in appellate briefs.  At the time, Judge Dietz urged appellate
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No tattling allowed if someone buys scalped tickets to attend this event. For the first time since the Civil War era, the Supreme Court of North Carolina is preparing a
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When you are waiting on an decision from the North Carolina Court of Appeals, if you are like me, you anxiously scour the new opinions every other Tuesday morning.  And
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I can’t pass up the opportunity to blog about an appellate case titled Don’t Do It, [Sic] Empire, LLC v. Tenntex, COA 15-938 (Mar. 1, 2016) ([sic] in original)—especially
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[box] ♪♪ If there is something strange,

In your neighborhood,

Who you gonna call?

. . .

If there’s something weird

And it don’t look good,

Who you gonna call?

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In March, we blogged about a chart  summarizing post-Dogwood opinions involving appellate rules violations.  Drew and Carrie may be adding another entry to their chart.  In an opinion authored
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