The Petition Tracker has been updated with the Supreme Court’s most recent allowed petitions for discretionary review. Although there were some special orders, the Court only allowed two petitions outright. One arose from the Industrial Commission, and the other involves the Raleigh Housing Authority.

The Petition Tracker has also been updated to include the Court’s merits decisions on petitions that were granted.… Continue Reading

On occasion, the Supreme Court of North Carolina will grant a petition for discretionary review and then later decide that the grant was “improvidently allowed.” See, e.g., here and here and here. The U.S. Supreme Court sometimes reaches the same result.

Because these opinions usually provide little, if any, explanation, we are often left to guess at the basis for the court’s decision.… Continue Reading

You lost in the North Carolina Court of Appeals, but you have convinced yourself that your legal argument was correct.  You file a Petition for Discretionary Review (“PDR”) with the Supreme Court of North Carolina, hoping that the justices will see your side of the story.  To your great joy, the PDR is granted.  This result means you have a great chance of achieving a reversal, right?… Continue Reading