COVID-19 interrupted the plans of many North Carolina law students.  In-person classes (Cancelled).  Students (Sent home).  Summer internships (Postponed, shortened, or cancelled).

In the midst of these upheavals, the Court of Appeals showed aspiring advocates how to turn lemons into lemonade.  Judges Richard Dietz and Phil Berger, Jr. created a five-week, no-cost, online seminar for law students.  The topic?  North Carolina appellate practice and procedure.  The series consisted of interactive lectures, small group break-outs, and suggested reading, writing, and research assignments.  And Judges Dietz and Berger delivered a first-class program to the almost 200 law students who signed up for the seminar.

Anyone else a wee-bit jealous about being deemed too mature (cough) for this program?  Interested in “Practical Legal Writing Tips and Using Technology in Brief Writing?”  Want to learn about the two “Emerging Issues in Appellate Practice” that Judge Dietz flagged for the next generation of appellate lawyers?  Well, good news still exists in today’s world.  The full summer program, including videos, is available on the Court of Appeals website.

Thanks  to Judge Dietz and Judge Berger for creating this excellent resource for new and timeworn advocates alike.

–Beth Scherer