Appellate Practice CLE

COVID-19 interrupted the plans of many North Carolina law students.  In-person classes (Cancelled).  Students (Sent home).  Summer internships (Postponed, shortened, or cancelled).

In the midst of these upheavals, the Court of Appeals showed aspiring advocates how to turn lemons into lemonade.  Judges Richard Dietz and Phil Berger, Jr. created a five-week, no-cost, online seminar for law students.  The topic?  North Carolina appellate practice and procedure. … Continue Reading

The Appellate Practice Section’s annual CLE program is coming up on Friday, September 13th.  This day-long event is a great opportunity to hear from judges and practitioners and to learn about current issues in the appellate arena.  This year’s program includes not only technology and ethics portions but also helpful topics on visual aids, modern writing, and insider tips from the clerk’s office. … Continue Reading

In April 2017, the General Assembly surprised appellate stakeholders by adopting legislation shifting a subclass of Rule 3.1 juvenile appeals—Termination of Parental Rights (“TPR”) appeals—to the Supreme Court’s mandatory direct appellate review jurisdiction.  The silver lining was that the General Assembly did not require an immediate shift in these cases from the Court of Appeals to the Supreme Court.  Instead, TPR cases did not start trickling into the Supreme Court until January 2019.… Continue Reading

Are you interested in honing your appellate practice skills?  Want to hear about some of the resources that are available to help you research and write more effectively?  Still need some CLE credit this year?

The Appellate Practice Section of the North Carolina Bar Association is hosting its CLE and annual meeting on Friday, September 30th at the Bar Center in Cary. … Continue Reading

Last Friday, the N.C. Bar Association’s Appellate Practice Section put on a fabulous CLE.  Leading judges and practitioners offered insights into recent developments in substantive and procedural appellate law, challenged us to think through the ethical implications that inhere in many appellate cases, and peeled back the curtain on how cases are managed by the clerks of court.

Beth and I were honored to present at the CLE on the topic of the hidden traps and statutory lacunae that threaten to derail even the most careful appellate lawyer. … Continue Reading

Chief Judge William Traxler of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit will be speaking on June 25, 2015 at a lunchtime CLE at the 18 Seaboard restaurant in Raleigh.  The event is co-sponsored by the Eastern District of North Carolina chapter of the Federal Bar Association and by my firm’s appellate practice group.  I anticipate that the event will sell out, considering that about half of the 60 seats have already been claimed and the CLE is still a month away. … Continue Reading

The new Appellate Practice Section of the NC Bar Association will present its first annual CLE on Friday, October 10, 2014, at the Bar Center in Cary.  The CLE, titled “Mass Appeal,” will include many wonderful speakers and interesting topics, and will be accessible to new appellate practitioners and seasoned lawyers alike.

As we describe it in the brochure:

  • Choose among three specialized break-out sessions: a crash course in state appeals, a peek into special issues that arise in criminal appeals, and practical insights into executing on and enforcing judgments during appeals
  • Understand the strategic choices made by counsel and judges in the course of an oral argument, by hearing from counsel and the panel before, during, and after a mock argument
  • Earn ethics credit like never before, as two former jurists engage in a lively discussion of the ethical quandaries lurking in every appeal
  • Gain insights into Fourth Circuit practice by joining in a conversation with Judge Albert Diaz, a federal prosecutor, and a federal public defender
  • Peel back the curtain and glimpse the inner workings of the appellate courts, with the Clerks of Court as your guides
  • Learn how to analyze that final question you face after losing an appeal–whether and how to seek review in the United States Supreme Court

For more information, see here. … Continue Reading

DRI, the Defense Research Institute, is hosting what promises to be a fantastic appellate advocacy seminar in Chicago in a few weeks, beginning on July 17.  My firm’s appellate practice group is proud to be a sponsor of the conference again this year, as we have been in the past.  There is always a decent contingent from North Carolina that makes the trek for these DRI programs because they are so valuable. … Continue Reading

Short on CLE hours for your appellate specialization, or looking for a good discussion on brief writing and oral argument tips?  The Mecklenburg County Bar is offering a nearly full-day CLE on these skills and more on February 13, 2014.

The program includes several knowledgeable speakers, including Judge Diaz of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, Justice Barbara Jackson of the Supreme Court of North Carolina, and friend-of-the-blog John Bowers, among others.… Continue Reading

For those eyeing an appellate practice specialization, don’t miss the upcoming CLE, “2012 View From the Bench” at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro on December 13, 2012.  The CLE will feature the sitting Chief Judge on the North Carolina Court of Appeals, Judge John Martin, as well as several other jurists and thinkers.  The CLE qualifies towards the requirements for the appellate practice specialization.… Continue Reading