As you likely know, our Court of Appeals stays quite busy. That is no less true now, with the 2023-24 term in full swing. Many folks–from the clerk’s office to staff counsel to the judges themselves–help the Court stay current with its sizeable caseload.

But let’s not forget the contributions of the law clerks! As any former clerk will attest, an appellate clerkship provides an invaluable opportunity to serve the State, learn about a wide array of substantive and procedural law, and forge a close bond with an appellate judge.

Why am I preaching? Two weeks ago, the North Carolina Court of Appeals welcomed Judge Carolyn Thompson to its august ranks. I understand that Judge Thompson is still short one law clerk, though.

To apply, submit your résumé and any other relevant information to the Court via this email address:

Please help me spread the word about this fabulous opportunity.