The Supreme Court of North Carolina currently is hiring for 6 positions—five of which require a J.D. The positions are:

  • General Counsel & Chief of Staff to the Chief Justice
  • Administrative Counsel to the Chief Justice
  • Research Assistant II (2 separate positions)
  • Supreme Court Staff Attorney
  • Executive Assistant III

All of these positions will report directly to Chief Justice Beasley. The application period closes on Monday for three of the positions, while the application period for the remaining positions remains open until Sunday, March 24.… Continue Reading

Know someone interested in a federal clerkship experience?  The Fourth Circuit is accepting applications for up to three staff attorney positions.   Successful candidates will begin working within the next three months, and the position will last between one to two years.  Applications are due Friday, June 8.  More info can be found here. 

–Beth Scherer… Continue Reading

[box] ♪♪ If there is something strange,

In your neighborhood,

Who you gonna call?

. . .

If there’s something weird

And it don’t look good,

Who you gonna call? [/box]

For children of the eighties, the catchphrases “Ghostbusters!” and “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” are now likely floating in your head.  Outside the supernatural world, when “there’s something weird” in the “appellate neighborhood,” one name likely comes to mind when asked, “Who You Gonna Call?”: … Continue Reading

The practice of appellate law retains much of the formality and gravity that has historically permeated our profession.  From the sober writing required for an appellate brief to the pageantry of oral argument, there can be little opportunity to interact with our appellate jurists as the fine individuals that they are.

To break through this barrier, we have developed a new video series we are calling “Ask the Judge.” … Continue Reading