As you no doubt have noticed, virtually every batch of opinions from our State appellate courts includes at least one “Rule 3.1” case involving allegations of abuse, neglect, or dependency.  What you may forget is that each of those cases involves an appellate attorney advocating for the best interests of the children.  Although the court system has some attorneys on staff, the children are most often represented by pro bono attorneys as part of the Guardian ad Litem program.… Continue Reading

Two months ago, a consortium of stakeholders within the bench and bar launched the North Carolina Appellate Pro Bono Program.  The inaugural training session on April 13 was standing room only–in the large Court of Appeals courtroom, no less.  Now, we have 30 trained volunteers ready to represent low-income parties on appeal.

The good news for future volunteers:  the training was filmed.  … Continue Reading

Big news:  Both the North Carolina Supreme Court and Court of Appeals have voted to approve an appellate pro bono program that has been in the works for many months.  The initial training session for volunteers will be held April 13 at the Court of Appeals building in Raleigh.  The website for the program is up and running, and a full description of the program can be found here.… Continue Reading